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“I call transcendental that access which is directed not towards the object which faces us,
but towards the temporality of access as such.”
Kant, KdrV B25, (“in freie Übersetzung”)

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Succinctly stated, I am interested in rereading the genealogy of what has been referred to as post-modernism and post-structuralism. This pulls me towards certain phases of 20th C French and 20th C German philosophy. Specifically, I gravitate towards German phenomenology and French Structuralism and attempt to work out the necessity of certain post-War French modes of thought from those two paradigmatic sources. While this may sound like a simply antiquarian approach to the history of philosophy, I surmise that the working-out of the interstitial moments, in each case, opens a new avenue of thought, creates a new set of philosophemes, modifies the vocabulary of the philosopher in a novel fashion, and that it does so not merely contingently but with necessity.

95 Theses
towards Heideggerian Reform
My Fragmentary
Abstracts/ Preprints etc.
Heidegger on Racial Hygiene
Heidegger on the History of Philosophy
Schelling on Ontological Difference
Pierre Hadot on Ontological Difference
Romano/Schnell – Transcendental SuZ

In Statu Nascendi

Proclus, place and light
Jaspers and Heidegger on Van Gogh
Jean-Marie Pontevia, historicizing the fragment

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